We are so far out there, you will have the opportunity to experience “DIGITAL DETOX”.  No wifi, no cellular service. You will be connected to nature and have time to reconnect with yourself.  Emergency situations will be handled with appropriate care and connection.

Knowing this now, your departure from the lake is important to have organized where you go from here before you arrive.

Jungle Yoga at Praiwan Rafthouse offers group transportation from the airport to the lake venue and return. Please contact your retreat leader for details of being part of the group transport.

THE FLIGHT: From Bangkok International Airport (BKK) to Surat Thani (URT) is 1 hour. From the Surat Thani airport, there will be group transfer vehicle/s waiting for you to take you to the Wildlife Sanctuary National Park Headquarter. If you have other travel plans, make sure you arrive in time for group transport pick up at Surat Thani airport.  Your teachers will have the correct information on arrival time group pick up. *If you are arriving outside the group separate transfer booking can be arranged and will be an extra cost to the traveler.

THE DRIVE: Surat Thani Airport to the Rajaphraba Lake Pier is a 1 hour drive. Krabi town is a 2 hour drive to Lake Pier. Phuket is a 2-1/2 hour drive to the PIER AT RAJAPHRABA DAM. Here you will transfer from vehicle to the boats to take you to the venue.  

NATIONAL PARK FEE:  At the boat pier there will be a booth where each person must sign in and pay 320 baht per person for permission to enter the park. PLEASE KEEP YOUR TICKET STUB.

 THE BOAT RIDE: From the National Park Headquarters Lake Pier there is a 30 minute boat ride across a phenomenal lake to reach Praiwan Raft House.