December 29-January 8, 2020Steven Smith assisted by Pari Ruengviseh, Darine Monroywith Mindful Movement led by Julie Seibt enquiries10 nights
Jan 8-15, 2020Anne Douglas, Julie Seibt & Fuyuko Toyota
The heart of yoga
7 nights
Jan 15-25, 2020Peter ThomsonIyengar Advanced Studies10 nights
Jan 25 – Jan 29, 2020Private group4 nights
Jan 29 – Feb 5, 2020Danny Paradise & Nadia DeleyeShamanism, Evolution, Freedom and Ashtanga Yoga, Music & Dance7 nights
Feb 6-15, 2020Advanced Trainings with Til LuchauAdvanced myofascial techniques9 nights
Feb 16-27, 2020Ralf MarzenThai Yoga Massage, Yoga & Meditation11 nights
Feb 29 - March 7, 2020Yumee ChungLiberation Lounge on the Road with Yumee Chung, Jay Andrews, Lucy Panko, and Scott Petersen7 nights
March 7-14, 2020Simon LowYin & Yang Yoga, pranayama and meditation7 nights
March 15-22, 2020Yoga Team BerlinEndlich Wieder mit Irina & Valentin7 nights
March 22-30, 2020Laura Green & Soul
The Yoga Teachers Retreat & Soul Immersion8 nights
March 30 - April 6, 2020 Johnny Ward & Kristen Bergman-Ward7 nights
April 6-15, 2020Betty SchaetzchenYoga & Selbsterfahrung Retreat9 nights
19 - 26 April 2020Raphael Melo and Alvaro Esteban Awakening in Nature -Alignment Vinyasa Yoga8 nights
29 April - May 4, 2020Private groupJason and friends
5 nights
May 4- 11, 2020Jordan Rothenberg and Tunde BorregoClarity 2020: A Journey to the Self in the Jungle of Thailand10 nights
May 11 Pending confirmation - Open for retreat bookingmail us
June 27- July 8, 2020Vipassana meditation with mindful movementPending confirmation: Vipassana Retreat with Mindful Movement enquiries

10 nights
July 8, 2020Pending confirmation - Open for retreat bookingmail us
 *Suggested minimum retreat is 7 nights.  It takes time to unwind and settle, to really get the benefits of this amazing digital detox immersion. We are flexible if you would prefer a longer retreat. 

If you are a TEACHER looking for an incredible place to teach, contact info at jungleyoga dot com. If you are a STUDENT wishing to attend a yoga retreat, click on instructor name to book directly – please don’t write to us.