Play in paradise or relax in nature.

Meditate to the sounds of the cicadas–a sound that has been around for millions of years.

Swim the clear fresh waters of the lake. Jump in first thing in the morning or anytime, right from the front of your bungalow.

Travel the lake sanctuary on your own with the easy-to-use kayaks. There are enough for all to share.

Hike in the jungle with jungle/wildlife guides.

Try fishing – primitive gear is available. Good luck.

Explore the many caves.

Enjoy birdwatching the great array of birds in this rainforest.

Chill out with a massage from a certified Thai masseuse.

Read books, relax and more chillin’ out.

Practice the art of doing nothing.

Feel the peace and enjoy the calm of no social media.

Connect with other real cool like-minded people like you.