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jungle yoga

Some of the jungle sounds we recorded at the lake:

Great Hornbill

Gibbon singing 12 notes

White Crowned Hornbill

Nok Wow

Helmeted Hornbill


The sanctuary offers sensational lake and cliff vistas, primary rainforest, and extraordinary wildlife. You may notice the following:

•Hornbills—Great Hornbills, Helmeted Hornbills, Bushy Crested Hornbills, Wreathed Hornbills , White Crowned Hornbills, and Oriental-pied Hornbills.

•Gibbon—the smallest of the ape family; it's lovely to hear them sing in the mornings as the mist rises, but very difficult to see them, but possible.

•Tigers—supposedly live near, but we have only heard one once—not yet seen.

•Monkeys—4 different types: long tailed macaques, stumped tail (pig tailed) macaques, dusky and spectacled langurs.

•Wild boar, Tapir, Serow and Malayan sun bears—exciting to spot them in the wild.

•Elephants—not easy to find, but their tracks are plentiful. They come to the lake on a seasonal basis to drink, swim and scratch their bellies on the shores of the lake.

•Birds—Eagles, Osprey, Oriental hobby, White headed fish Eagle, Buffy fish Owl, Rufous Piculet, Verditer Flycatcher, White Rumped Shama, Sultan Tit Bulbul, huge variety of Kingfishers, Broadbills, White Egrets, Heron, Jungle Fowl, Coucals, Plaintive Cuckoo and many types of Woodpeckers..and many more.

•Grating Daeng—red bull, Gaur - wild cow.


Many of these birds and animals are endangered and they know it…that's why it is difficult to find them. Bring your binoculars.

All of these animals are endangered and they know it…that’s why it is difficult to find them. Bring your binoculars.